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Firnament Projects


"Firnament" is the project titel of a global distributed database with huge storage area somewhere in the heart of the Swiss mountains. There data is art. And ice. Like glaciers. Data like eternity.

The Bulgarian Mirror Project

During the Sofia Symposium we discussed to mirror our sites. to and to


"Screenshot" is an intervention and an installation.

Remembrance of Things Past- Wiederfinden der Zeit

Early darfts of this project are dated 1985. With todays availabilty of computing power and video compression technolgies the 1985 drafts are close to realization.

Wilde Konkrete Kunst

Matjaz Hmeljak discovered there is an interesting similarity between the work published in and the color structures Edi Zajec developed in the years 79, 80, (and Matjaz Hmeljak implemented on a main frame in pascal in 80). Their work was the beginning of a research Zajec worked on in the 80-ies, the problem of "shaping color structures in time", and eventually resulted in the "orphics" theory (see Leonardo) .. maybe Matjaz will try to put in life again this (Pascal) program ("harmonic progression schemes" was the name, or HARPS); if so, he will send some samples... [the program is still somewhere in his libraries...].

Archive der Gegenwart

How to get a postcard from Zapperlot! by entering a proper Email address.

Der Grosse Bildschirm

Entering Cyberspace through the TV-Screen.

In den Hintergrund treten

From the F&F Medialab's research history (If you can see this, you understand what is the real nature of bandwidth).

Boyana Church

The Intentions of Mr. Trifon Tifonov from Sofia, Bulgaria: "It’s a about establishing the virtual center in the field of culture. The idea is to make a joint team for working up the methodology for virtual models of monuments of culture." .

The Color of Email, Version 2.0

Secret, secret, secret.

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