What I have in mind since many years is:
when any framegrabber grabs a videosignal,
it grabs single frames ordered on a timeline
(e.g. in PAL 25 frames per second).
So the frames can be sent to RAM, or can be looped into RAM.
When the grabbed frames are
replayed from RAM,
they usually appear in the same order as they have been recorded
1., 2., 3., ..... 25;1., 2.,
I want to change this order
1st sec 3rd sec 4th sec 5 th sec 2 sec .....
In other words:
take some "time" into Memory and replay this "time" later.
Bringing into present things you can't recognize
outside of remembrance.
The artistical-philosophical ideas are:

- Say Hello to Stephen Hawking :)
- And keep in mind Marcel Proust :)
(what indeed is mind other than a kind of memory)
- make an installation to visualize that
our mental model of time
is just a model
and not neccesarely the only model possible.